Thursday, March 26, 2015

March... Sewing Room Interview

I am so excited to be back into the swing of things... Life is sooo good, yes? YES! This months Sewing Room Interview is with Mrs. Janet White... We had such a good time and a great visit.
Here is how it all went-

Q- What is your most favorite thing in your sewing room?
A- A sewing box that my Dad made...

You really should see this up close and in real life! It is beautiful, all wood and it folds right up onto itself. It stands about knee high and would be a great accessory next to your sewing chair to hold all kinds of good stuff! Janet keeps hers mostly empty because of little helpers.. beautiful heirloom!
Check out that fun wool sling bag! Her daughter brought it back from Switzerland for her.

Q-What is the most annoying thing about your sewing room?
A- Its soooo tiny... I like to say cozy:) 

Q- What is the one thing in your sewing room that you can't live without!
A- My needle threader...
Have you ever seen such a thing? ... Me, never! But I can promise you I will be picking one up next time I'm out in the quilting world. I believe she said she picked this one up at Gardners Village. 

Q-What is your current project your working on?
A- The Guild Block of the Month...
Looking beautiful of course! 

Q- When sewing are you a movie, music, or silent sewer?
A- Silent... Hush, sewing in progress!

Q-Where are you from and is Quilting a part of your heritage?
A- I am from Provo, and quilting was a part of my heritage, Mother would often have a quilt on to be either hand quilted or tied. My Dad would help too. Now that I think back on it, I think my Dad helped, not because he loved quilting (maybe he did) but more because these quilts took up the whole room and he wanted to hurry and get it off. However, even though it was a part of my heritage, I wasn't interested in quilting on my own until much later in life.

A couple of other memories from her Grandfather and  Father, scattered throughout the sewing room. What a talented fellow! I see now where Janet gets her creativity!

Q-What started your interest in quilting?
A- When I was a young girl, we would visit Temple Square and I remember visiting Mormon Handicraft... it was like a candy store to me... I loved all the fabric and the colors, it was just amazing!
When Marta opened her quilt shop in Tooele, she offered a block of the month program and thats when I officially started quilting on my own and I haven't stopped. I have been quilting for 11 years.
Projects in Progress!

Tell us something that we may not know about you!!

I will tell you the story of how I got my Bernina Sewing machine... When I was a young adult I wanted to get a car. My Dad in teaching us the value of hard work and the value of a dollar, had me save up for 1/2 of what ever car I thought I could afford. So I finally had the money, not for the Mustang that I wanted but for a smallish blue (?) pinto... I approached my Dad with my plan and him, being not sure about me driving, asked me if there was anything else besides a car that I would want? I couldn't think of anything, but remembered my boyfriend (now husband) friends mother was a Bernina distributor, so on a whim that's what I asked for! I didn't know at the time what a prize I was getting and it sure has outlasted I'm sure the life of that old pinto!

Thanks Janet for the interview and the visit! I can't wait to get into the rest of ya'lls sewing rooms!
See you next month!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

February Quilt Meetin' 2015

I am sorry I am behind in keeping the blog updated. Life is unexpected in amazing ways! So here it is the last part of March and getting caught up.

I was so excited to for February's meeting! I couldn't wait to see all the finished BOM's from last year! I hope we will see a few more trickling in too. It was an amazing challenging project and ALL did a wonderful job! Great job Michelle!

Aren't they gorgeous? (the quilts too) So motivating!

Kathy giving updates on this years BOM... its a cutie folks!

Look at Kathy's cute label! Random, but I had to share!

Getting our first instructions for this years mystery quilt! The instructions are there if you missed getting the handout. I am definitely doing this! So fun!

Our favorite! Show and Tell!!! I think there are some Round Tuits mixed in there too.

Teresa sharing her birthday with us all by inviting us to her very own quilt retreat! She was telling us all about it...

Such fun ladies!!

So that's it for this month!! Stay tuned for next months updates... our Round Tuit Round Up!!! I cant wait to see the pictures from that one!!